Young, Beginning and Small Farmers and Ranchers - AgTexas Farm Credit Services

When you are just starting out, your best bet is to work with a lender who is committed to agriculture. Our expertise and highly competitive rates combined with our wide range of financing options and services can give you the leg up you need.

What is a Young, Beginning or Small farmer/rancher?

  • Young – Age 35 or younger
  • Beginning – 10 years or less experience
  • Small – Less than $250,000 of gross annual agricultural income

By utilizing our flexible loan terms and working closely with other governmental guarantee programs and organizations, we can tailor loans to fit the unique financial needs of YBS borrowers.

“AgTexas understands farming {period}.”


Our philosophy is to set all of our customers up for success. While we can be flexible with terms, we will not endanger your financial well-being by letting you get in over your head. AgTexas supports programs that improve your chances of success –

Through outreach programs for YBS borrowers and youth in agriculture, we continue our commitment to agriculture and maintaining the rural way of life.

  • FFA & 4H Youth Events
  • Stock Show Concession
  • Stock Show Animal Purchase and Add-On
  • Farmers Markets