Our Story - AgTexas Farm Credit Services


Without strong financial backing farmers and ranchers will not survive, and people will not have food to eat or clothes to wear. AgTexas provides reliable credit and crop insurance to our member-owners, so they can feed and clothe the world.


• Intelligent communicators
• Passionate about supporting agriculture
• Determined to help our members thrive in business every time, every day, every one


The AgTexas team is committed to HAVING FUN while:
• Doing the right thing every time, every day, every one
• Helping our members overcome adversity
• Maintaining a culture of “World Class” customer service


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AgTexas Farm Credit Services is a rural lending cooperative. Since 1934, we have provided competitively priced and reliable credit to Texas farmers, ranchers, and rural property owners.


In a cooperative, people make the difference. Each stockholder (member-owner) has a voice in the business of the co-op and a vote in director elections. Those who oversee the association are just like you – producers and business owners involved in agriculture.

Members also enjoy economic participation. Each stockholder receives a share of our profits according to their business with AgTexas. Ask us how this applies to your operation. Better yet, ask an Ag Texas customer how patronage helps their bottom line.


“Your SUCCESS. our PURPOSE.” is more than a tagline – it’s how we do business.

For us, the customer comes first, and you can trust that we understand your financing needs. Big to small, young to old, from traditional farming operations to hunting leases, or cotton gins to country homes – we finance agriculture and rural living.


The ag lending experts at Ag Texas know agriculture. And, because they live and work in the areas they serve, they understand your needs. Loan decisions are made locally, and our staff is proud to provide each customer with personalized service.

Our commitment as a co-op to share our earnings with our customers benefits rural communities as well. AgTexas has a robust patronage program, and has distributed $108 million to our customers since 2015.

Our passion is supporting youth in agriculture.

AgTexas takes part in many local youth programs and sponsorships through donations and “boots on the ground.” By far, our favorite way to support ag youth is through our scholarship program – AgTexas AgYouth of the Month.


Our Farm Credit System traces our history to the early 1900s when interest rates were high and long-term farm loans were scarce. The lack of credit was crippling agriculture. In 1916, after many studies, Congress passed legislation establishing the Farm Credit System. Its purpose to be a reliable source of credit for farmers and ranchers. Today, we continue to fulfill that critical mission.

In the early 1900s, commercial lenders considered agriculture to be a large risk. Interest rates were high, and long-term financing for farmers and ranchers was scarce. After congressional and presidential studies, Congress passed the Federal Farm Loan Act in 1916. The act established the nationwide Farm Credit System – a network of rural lending co-ops to be a reliable source of funding for farmers, ranchers and aquatic producers. This system was based largely on Germany’s Landschafts, a cooperative agricultural credit system that had operated successfully since 1769.

The legislation set up 12 district banks across the country to provide funds to local mortgage lending cooperatives that would be owned by farmers and ranchers. One of these banks, the Federal Land Bank of Houston, was designated to serve the Tenth Farm Credit District (now known as the Texas Farm Credit District) and later would become the Farm Credit Bank of Texas.

The Farm Credit System has been part of the fabric of rural America for over a century. As the agricultural sector’s capital needs continue to grow, Farm Credit remains a reliable financing partner to ag producers, agribusinesses and rural communities.


Our unique farm credit funding model, as a lending cooperative, gives our customer/owners strong Ag and Rural Business support. CO-OP Strong. Customer Strong. Ag Strong.