Leasing Programs - AgTexas Farm Credit Services

Flexible Financing to Grow Your Business:

Everyone knows that using the right tool is the best way to get the job done. Are you using the right financial tools to grow your business? Why Lease?

Pay Nothing Down

Typically, down payments aren’t necessary. Simply pay the first payment in advance. Often, leasing can provide 100% financing.

Maximize Tax Benefits

Lease payments may be fully tax deductible under a True Lease, allowing you to lower your taxable income and expense equipment sooner. Opt for a Conditional Sale to take advantage of deductions available as tax owner of the equipment.

Control Your Cash Flow

Fixed rates and flexible payment schedules allow you to match your payments to your cash flow and the profits generated by the leased equipment.

“It has been such an appreciation factor to witness the board and staff’s commitment to borrower success.”

Preserve Capital

By leasing, you preserve your cash, working capital and other credit lines for expansions and day to day expenses.

Standardize Your Replacement Cycle

With lease financing, you can replace equipment regularly. A planned replacement cycle ensures access to reliable, low maintenance equipment at all times.

Retain Future Flexibility

When your lease ends, you decide if you want to purchase and continue using the equipment or return it and get a newer model.

Estate Planning Tool

Use leasing as a simple way to transition equipment to the next generation at the end of the lease term.

Learn how leasing can grow your business. Talk with your AgTexas lender today or call Brad Thacker at 806-570-4417.

This information is intended solely to provide general information and is not intended to provide accounting, tax or legal advice. To decide the right type of lease for you, please consult with your accounting, tax or legal advisor. Leases will be originated in the name of Farm Credit Leasing Services Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of CoBank.