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Managing yield and price risk through the purchase of crop insurance transfers risk from you to others. Crop insurance protects crop investment, borrowed capital, and current savings. Crop insurance also provides collateral to lending institutions, stabilizes income, and provides an added peace of mind.

• Farm operating expenses
• Cattle and other livestock purchase and expenses


With cooperative principles in mind, our motive is to offer proper risk management tools that add to your bottom line, not ours. We provide the information you need to understand insurance programs and help you make important management decisions.

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• Knowledgeable agents, with expertise in row crops, livestock, grapes, pecans, dairy and more
• A large team of agents, which allows us to quickly address your needs
• A close relationship with an agent that believes in what you do
• A customer-service focused business culture
• Technology and resources available to meet your demands
• Solely focused on agriculture
• Ease of doing business – we’ll meet you when and where it’s convenient


• Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) provides comprehensive protection against weather-related causes of loss. Certain MPCI products also protect against declining revenue. Over 100 crops are insurable under MPCI, including common crops like cotton, corn, grain sorghum, wheat and sorghum silage. Specialty crops like grapes and pecans are also insurable.

• Pecan Revenue Insurance provides protection against insurable causes of loss for yield and/or decline in market price. Purchased in two-year coverage modules, pecan revenue is available in select counties.

• Pasture, Range & Forage (PRF) Insurance is an area risk product designed to give livestock and hay producers the ability to buy insurance protection for losses of pasture and forage due to lack of rainfall and declining vegetation.

• Annual Forage Insurance is an area risk product used to protect crops grown for feed or fodder from lack of rainfall.

• Crop Hail Insurance covers losses due to hail and crop fire.

• Feedlot, Dairy and Pasture Insurance covers a variety of perils, including fire and lightning, windstorm, hurricane, tornado, hail, accidental shooting, drowning, smothering, attack by wild dogs and collision with a vehicle, just to name a few.

• Full mortality insurance covers against death from all natural causes, including sickness or disease, accident, fire or lightning. It is available on many types of livestock, including horses, show animals, breeding animals and exotics.

• Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) is available for feeder cattle, fed cattle and swine. It addresses a crucial aspect of risk management for livestock producers – declining market prices- without restricting profit potential.

• Livestock Gross Margin (LGM) Insurance covers the loss of margin by insuring expected gross margin versus the actual gross margin in dairy, yearling and calf finishing operations and swine.

• Term and Permanent Life Insurance

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