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Podcast Launch and Taking Root

By January 31, 2024February 9th, 2024Blog
Podcast Recording With Jeremy Brown, Garrett Robinson, and Hadley Chote with white logo

Something really exciting is in the works for AgTexas FCS and we are thrilled to announce it to the public…we are starting a podcastAGTX Voices! As many of you know, wefeature a member-owner’s story in every annual report known as #FACESofAGTEXAS. We wanted to create a space where agriculture and our members can be heard on a more frequent basis, hence the name of our podcast, AGTX Voices. Our goal as we dive into a new platform is to provide a voice for AgTexas’ partnership with agriculture, a voice for industry experts, and most importantly, a voice for our Texas farmers and ranchers to share their story and the role they play in providing food and fiber to the world.

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We just recorded our first two episodes and plan to release monthly episodes beginning in February! In the first episode you will hear from AgTexas stockholder and board member, Jeremy Brown, detailing his journey as an organic farmer. We shared some laughs and conversation about life, family, mentorship, and practices that have worked for his organic operation. Jeremy also spoke some about being a YBS farmer when he became a borrower with AgTexas. For those who don’t know, YBS stands for Young, Beginning, and Small. These categories are determined based on the borrower’s age, number of years farming, and gross annual ag sales. If the borrower falls into any of these categories, less rigid loan underwriting standards are used to develop financing options. In the podcast, Jeremy shares his experience with AgTexas financing as a YBS farmer.

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Fun fact, YBS members make-up a large portion of our portfolio and their presence is continually growing. As a result, AgTexas recently developed a new program called “Taking Root” that will launch this year. Taking Root is specifically designed for YBS farmers and ranchers. Not only does it include the less rigid underwriting standards that AgTexas has utilized for several years, but it also offers education reimbursement and the opportunity to receive a qualified grant. The courses eligible for reimbursement are the Ag Biz Basics and Ag Biz Planner courses offered by the Farm Credit University. Additionally, AgTexas will award five, $10,000 grants on a first come, first serve basis to qualified YBS borrowers. For more information on eligibility and how to take advantage of this program, tune into our YBS podcast and check out the YBS-Taking Root page on our website!

Taking Root Logo transparentIn the spirit of the New Year, make sure you include listening to the AGTX Voices podcast on your 2024 resolution list! We’re excited to watch our ideas come to fruition and passion points merge with advocacy; all with the intent that AgTexas will continue to serve our member-owners to the best of our ability. Here’s to taking on another year with our valued stockholders as they feed and clothe the WORLD!


Ag Always,
Hadley Chote