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FACES Teaser – Berry Cattle

By March 28, 2024Blog

There are a lot of exciting things happening here at AgTexas – some of which we covered in January’s blog where we talked about our new podcast and the YBS Taking Root program. In addition to those things, we had the privilege of interviewing some of our member-owners, Berry Cattle, LLC, for this year’s FACES feature story in the Annual Report. Berry Cattle, LLC is an operation located in Happy, Texas that consists of Levi Berry, his wife, Jesse, and their three daughters, Daisy, Emily, and Jane.Berry Family Photo

Berry Brand on Horse StallsThe Berry Family have what some would call an unconventional path to owning a large feed yard. Berry Cattle is a completely self-started operation and has grown immensely in the past decade. It started out as a small grow yard and through trials, tribulations, and ultimate success, it has turned into something bigger than they could have imagined.

In the words of Levi, “When we first bought the yard, the yard would hold like a thousand head, and so we had to collect up every partner that we could…. We kept thinking, if we could just get to a thousand head, if we could just get to a thousand head. And now it blows our mind how many cattle come and go every week.”

It is an incredible testimony of hard work, mentorship, smart business decisions, faith, and a young couple following their passion. Levi and Jesse’s passion trickled down to their daughters and the three of them, with the help of their parents, started their own LLC, Berry Sisters Cattle, in 2017. They became AgTexas member-owners that same year which qualified them as young, beginning, and/or small (YBS). The Berry sister’s shared their experience as YBS borrowers at AgTexas in an interview conducted earlier this year. We plan to share a portion of this interview in our AGTX VOICES podcast – coming to a device near you… soon.Daisy, Emily, and Jane Berry

It was amazing to hear the Berry Cattle story first-hand and see the legacy they’ve built. We’re excited to share a piece of it with you in this year’s Annual Report. Reports are currently in print production and will be mailed by the end of March. Be on the lookout to learn more about the Berry Family!

Ag Always,
Hadley Chote